Registration form downloads below along with more information on specific form requirements.





Please be aware that paperwork will only be sent to The Felis Britannica Registrar once payment has been made and the correct paper work received. The current time for all registrations is 4-6 weeks from paperwork being recieved by the Registrar.

Payment is via BACs – TSB Bank Account – Sort Code 30-99-04, Account Number 01311654. Please make sure you put the reason for BACs transfer. MEM – Memberhip, REG – Registrations, VAL- Validations, SHOW – Show Entry

Imports/Ownership Change

We do require a full certified pedigree, proof of ownership/transfer slip and completed registration form for all imports/ownership change.

If a stud over 10 months, then a certifcate of entirety completed by a vet, is also required. Some breeds under FIFe rules need genetic tests completed before cats can be registered on the active list. It is also a good option to include proof of chip at registration so that all paperwork is complete.

Litter Registration

A litter registration form needs to be completed and if you are not the owner of the stud a mating certificate is also required. Only 2 litters may be registered without a cattery name being applied for.

Please be aware that if the stud you have used is not fully registered with Felis Britannica you will need the following as well;

  • Original Certified Pedigree
  • Certificate of Entirety
  • Proof of chip registration
  • Breed genetic tests required under FIFe rules

Cattery Application

To apply for a cattery name we must have at least 3 choices or the form cannot be processed. You cannot use a breed name within the cattery name and it cannot be similar to any already registered FIFe cattery name. These can be check at the FIFe website under cattery names search list.


If you require an amendment or a pedigree re print then you need to supply the information required wirh the request in writing. If a colour change, chip details, CoE, CoH, genetics tests etc need to be added then please include your original pedigree and the proof.